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Welcome to the era of data

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Data Mining Labs provides leading expertise in data analytics with
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Make better decisions based on data

The amount of data that businesses operate has dramatically increased in the past decades — as well as the value within it. To gain competitive advantage and uncover the hidden insights you need professional data scientists.

Modern Big Data technologies allow to use a wide range of information sources: from social activity of your customers to publicly open government data, and many others.

Receive tangible results from analysis

Proper use of Big Data allows companies to optimize their processes and use their business potential to full extent. These technologies have already found many successful applications in different industries.

Boost your performance in


Track long-term changes in market demand, predict actions of your competitors


Increase campaign efficiency by better audience segmentation and channel-wise behavioral metrics prediction (DAU, ARPU)


Increase user retention and monitor their loyalty by hacking the drivers behind user behavior models


Personalise customer interaction by analyzing their preferences and needs

Planing and forecasting

Create accurate plans by considering every additional factor and scenario in state-of-art predictive models


Identify what decisions can stimulate the NPV growth and improve ROI


Identify and investigate abnormal activity in real time to prevent fraud operations


Monitor and predict the potential financial risk factors

Global operations

Increase the transparency of internal activities. Identify bottlenecks in the processes of various business units


Identify the causes of defects and quickly eliminate them. Predict demand and optimize production levels


Optimize logistics costs by analysing the behavior of providers and profitability of different routes


Carry out new experiments and create new technologies


Identify underlying factors of your employees success / failure


Prevent employees from leaving your company by detecting inefficiencies in productivity and motivation

Potential growth

Take advantage of the potential of your employees by detecting and eliminating bottlenecks in the organizational structure

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How we can collaborate with your business:

Consulting & Tranings

Learn what domains are profitable, what data types are relevant to your domain, and what solutions you can adopt

Data driven applications

We develop solutions that will help you to improve performance of the whole company or of a particular area